Feast Your Eyes on This Heart Cake Made to Look Like a Human Heart

Human Heart Cake is a deep red velvet cake with chocolate ganache
Heart Cake

Image courtesy of How To Cake It

Yolanda Gampp of ‘How To Cake It’ shows fans how to create the unique cake.

If you’ve ever wanted to tell someone to eat his or her heart out, this just might be your chance. Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It has created a heart-shaped cake just in time for Valentine’s Day, but with a twist. Gampp’s cake is made to look like a human heart, complete with veins, valves, and fake blood.

In her step-by-step post detailing how she made the cake, Gampp writes, “I know Valentine’s Day is all about love, but what about all the heartbroken people out there?  Do they get a day in honor of that? I’ve decided to make a human heart cake for anyone that’s ever had their heart ripped out.” For the cake, Gampp utilized her Deep Red Velvet cake recipe and filled it with a burgundy chocolate ganache. She created red and blue fondant veins and used a pink, flesh-colored piece of fondant to cover the whole heart. Lastly, Gampp mixed red food coloring and raspberry jam to paint the cake in ‘blood.’

Gampp ends her post, “I wonder if anyone out there has the guts to make this for the very person who has broken their heart. If you do, I salute you. Tell them to eat their heart out!”

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