Is This Chocolate Jesus The Creepiest Easter Candy Ever?

Filling your Easter basket with doe-eyed chocolate bunnies and speckled candy eggs is so incredibly passé. If you really want to make an impression on your kids (and by impression, we mean, strike fear into their tiny hearts), you can't go wrong by ordering a gilded chocolate Jesus from New York's Bond Street Chocolate.

The idea of a gilded chocolate Jesus is slightly ridiculous in and of itself, but Bond Street Chocolate seems to have taken the idea of the Savior's resurrection a little bit too seriously: the face of cocoa Jesus is gaunt and skull-like, resembling a Halloween decoration more than a cheery Easter candy. For $14.40, you can spend your Easter chomping on zombie Jesus (quickly, before he chomps on you instead!).

The unholy confection stands four inches high, and is made from 72 percent dark chocolate with an edible coating of 24 carat gold. You can get yours in person, or order it online from As one chocolate Jesus consumer says, "chew this in remembrance of me." Don't worry, chocolate zombie Jesus, we'd never be able to forget you.