How Many Calories Are In Your Easter Basket?

Easter candy could cause you to pack on the pounds
Easter Candy Calories

You may want to hop away from the Easter basket this year

Easter is like the Halloween of the spring. There may not be ghouls and goblins roaming the streets, and maybe not too many tricks, but there sure is a lot of Easter candy. While the tradition of dyeing hard-boiled eggs does spawn a tasty snack, there is nothing quite like running down the steps Easter morning and tearing into your basket of seasonal candy. After all, your basket is practically overflowing with Easter sweets. While it is always OK to treat yourself to a little something special, do you know exactly what indulging in the entirety of your Easter basket cost you in calories? Well parents, let’s just say you may want to opt for a small toy and only a little bit of Easter candy this year.

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We hate to inform you, but the caloric value of your sweet Easter basket could reach as high as:

And this is on top of Easter brunch and Easter dinner! And exactly how did we arrive to this alarming conclusion? We took a look at the reported calories in some of the most favored Easter candies and assumed that they would all be in the same basket come Easter morning. We look at the serving size of each of the candies and calculated their calories to arrive at this one total. We included classics from a solid milk chocolate Easter bunny down to the pastel colored M&M’s you find sprinkled throughout your Easter basket.

To help you understand how we arrived to this count and to make sure you make the best sweet decisions for your family, we’ve broken down the entirety of our full Easter basket for your scrutiny. And if you choose to still include all of these classic Easter sweets, just remember that moderation is key! 

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