Highest Michelin-Ranked Chef Writes Cookbook with Doctor

Renowned French chef Joël Robuchon has teamed up with his doctor to create a cookbook where food is treated as medicine

Food as Medicine in Cookbook from a Michelin-Ranked Chef and his Doctor

Michelin-ranked chef Joël Robuchon — in fact, the French chef has the most Michelin stars of any chef in the world — has teamed up with his doctor, acupuncturist and neuropharmacologist Dr. Nadia Volf, to create a cookbook where food is treated as medicine, in a delicious way.

Food & Life, which will be available in October, “transforms kitchen cupboards into medicine cabinets,” and uses all the ingredients that reside within as one’s “arsenal of wellness,” according to a profile in The New York Times. Using Dr. Volk’s medical expertise and chef Robuchon’s culinary talents, each recipe is intended to cure all kinds of ailments, from anger issues to libido to heartbreak.

“I see so many girls who comfort themselves after a heartbreak by eating Nutella and big portions of ice cream, but it doesn’t work. They gain weight, and they don’t feel better,” says Dr. Volk.

“The most beautiful thing to eat when you have heartbreak is turkey, because turkey has the amino acid tryptophan, which is the basis of our hormone serotonin. But the [people] just don’t know that.”

Among the foods championed by chef Robuchon and Dr. Volf are caviar and poached eggs (for forgetfulness), grapes (for obsessive thinking), and endives (to combat fear).

The trout recipe (trout fillets with carrot tagliatelle and carrots) which one curious Times reporter tried to cure a variety of complaints from her friends, as well as her own summer cold, is intended to combat anxiety and sadness. Although we can’t personally vouch for its efficacy, it seemed to yield good results for The Times’ taste testers.


Put simply, “It’s about what to eat at different times, when you feel one way or another,” Dr. Volk told The Times.

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