pork rinds

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This Snack Company Makes Vegan, Gluten-Free 'Pork Rinds'

Snacklins says it uses yucca and mushrooms to make the product
pork rinds

Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

The company says the snacks contain 30 calories per serving and zero grams of trans fat.

What started as a joke ended up being a hit when Washington, D.C.-based snack company Snacklins brought together vegan and meat snacks in the form of plant-based "pork rinds".

According to Samy Kobrosly, co-founder of Snacklins, the snack even has the same texture and flavor as real pork rinds.

“Our biggest problem is that people think we are lying and that we are not vegan — especially once they taste it,” Kobrosly told FoodNavigator-USA.

The company says it uses flash-fried, dehydrated yucca (or cassava root) to get a “nice puff” and “airiness,” and mushroom for the “meaty umami” taste.

Snacklins’ plant-based "pork rinds" come in three flavors: BBQ, Soy Ginger, and Chesapeake Bay.


The vegan "pork rinds" are currently available online and at select retailers for $3.50 for a small bag or $18 for a pack of 6 snack-sized bags, but the company says it plans to cut the price to $1.99 in the future.