Meal Routines Are Linked To A Healthy Diet, Study Says

New research finds that eating routine meals may be the key to a healthier diet.

An article published this month in Public Health Nutrition, a publication under Cambridge Journals,  found that people who take the time to make meals at home and eat routine meals are more likely to have a healthy diet because they are more aware of when and what they are eating.

The research was led by Melissa Laska, a professor at the University of Minnesota's Division of Epidemiology and Community Health. Researchers from this study assessed the diet of more than 1,000 college students. They also found that students who were on-the-go, buying food on campus, or playing video games and watching television while eating had unhealthier diets.

The study also determined that students who eat breakfast and dinner on a regular basis eat less fast food than students who didn't. "Such factors may play an important role in our dietary patterns and in our long-term health," the study concluded.