Healthy Kid-Friendly Food Delivery Service Launches In New York City

A busy lifestyle can be stressful, especially when it involves kids who are picky eaters. Nurturie, a recently launched New York City-based food delivery service, has set out to be a source for fresh, ready-to-eat foods to make both children and their parents happy.

The company's founder and CEO, Regina Reale, understands her target audience. She says that as a mother, she has struggled with her child's fussy palate and had concerns about "nutritionally weak foods."

Reale says that Nurturie's menu is crafted for infants, toddlers, and even older children using quality, locally sourced, and organic ingredients to help children form healthy eating habits early on.

The company's culinary advisor, Katy Sparks, creates Nurturie's recipes, which are cooked by her team daily, according to a press release. Sparks says that the meals are not only nutritious, but also allow parents and their children to bond over a meal.

"Because mealtime is such a great opportunity for parents and kids to share the pleasures of food and of just being together, I work to create dishes that are appealing to both kids and adults," Sparks told The Daily Meal.

"In this way, it is my hope that kids get a sense that eating is an act of cultural sharing, as well as nourishment, and parents can model the joys of eating well-cooked and delicious food without restraint."

The deliveries also arrive in compostable, single-serving packaging that is safe to use in the microwave and oven.

Nurturie meals are delivered in New York City and are available for pick up in Grand Central, Penn, and New Jersey PATH train stations.

In the future, the company says it plans to expand its services to other major cities.