FDA Extends Comment Period On 'Healthy' Labeling

The Federal and Drug Administration announced that the comment period for the "healthy" claim label will be extended to Apr. 26 due to requests claiming the initial period did not allow enough time for "meaningful or thoughtful" responses.

The FDA published a document on Sept. 28, 2016, requesting electronic or paper submissions on information and comments on the term "healthy" when it comes to labeling consumer products, according to the Federal Register website.

One of the reasons pushing the FDA to re-evaluate the "healthy" claim was a citizen petition calling for the organization to update nutrient content claim regulations to coincide with federal dietary guidelines; disassociate the "healthy" claim with total fat intake; and emphasize whole foods and diets instead of specific nutrients.

In 2015, the FDA also sent a warning to KIND Snacks to remove the word "healthy" from its packaging, leading to legal pulls on both ends. Ultimately, the FDA backtracked on its warning and allowed the company to keep the label a year later.