From Cauliflower Rice To Cinnamon Water, Healthy Food Startups Dominate

Rice made from cauliflower, cinnamon water, and a protein-packed alternative to Greek yogurt are just a few of the healthy food and drink items from startups featured at the Food Matters Live conference that focuses on healthful, sustainable solutions to hunger and food issues worldwide.

This year's Food Matters Live conference took place from November 17 to the 19. Cinnamora claims to be the future of flavored water and Food Navigator calls it "a contender for coconut water's crown." Cinnamora has no artificial colors or flavorings and is just made from cinnamon and sucralose. There are few advertised health benefits to cinnamon but consumption has been associated with lowering blood sugar for diabetics and cinnamon has been used in Ayurvedic natural medicinal remedies.

CauliRice, another one of the more popular health food products at the convention, is a healthier alternative to white rice. With 75 percent fewer calories, CauliRice is made from cauliflower but has a longer shelf life than its vegetable base, thanks to technical advancement in preservation.

Finally, we have the product Quark, a "spoonable fresh cheese," that tastes deceptively similar to Greek yogurt, but packs more protein and less sugar. The product will start distributing to retailers worldwide in 2016.