Australian Mom Shamed For Packing Raisins For Her Child's Lunch

Teaching children how to eat healthy at a young age is important, and one school in Australia has taken it upon itself by putting in place a "Healthy Eating Policy" that encourages parents to provide nutritious snacks for their children. However, one mom was warned by the school about her choice of snack — and it wasn't a sugar-loaded candy bar, but a pack of raisins.

The note to the mom was posted in the Oh So Busy Mum Facebook group by mom blogger Cheree Lawrence. According to Lawrence, the "offending" mom, who chose to remain anonymous, originally shared the note in a Facebook group called Lunchbox Ideas Australia.

"Please help us to encourage nutritious eating habits in our children," the note said. "The sultanas packed for your child today [are] unacceptable due to [their] high sugar content."

The note claimed that "acceptable" items that abide by the school's policy include yogurt, fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, and cheese, among other snacks.

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