Have We Been Eating Apples the Wrong Way this Whole Time?

Is there a better way to eat an apple? One man borrows a cue from the animal kingdom to find out
Have We Been Eating Apples the Wrong Way this Whole Time?

Is this a better way to eat apples?

It’s a strange question to consider, but what if we’ve all been eating apples the wrong way all our lives? Presumably, you’ve spent decades eating apples by circumnavigating the core, which then gets tossed and is left to biodegrade in peace. But what if that’s wrong?

What if there’s a way to eat the whole apple, stem and all?

“What, like a horse?” you’re wondering.

Well, yeah.

In this video from FoodBeast, a man eats an apple like you’ve never seen before, and we’ll admit, it’s a little unsettling. If nothing else, there’s the matter of the rumored cyanide in apple seeds.

Is it true that the seeds contain a cyanide compound? Yes, but "your body is able to detoxify cyanide in small doses, and the number of apple seeds it would take to pack a lethal punch is huge," according to Snopes.

Anyway, we’re still not entirely convinced that this is the best way to eat apples, but to each his own.


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