Hard-Boiled Egg Hack Goes Viral On Twitter

You may have cooked your hard-boiled eggs perfectly, but peeling them is often a totally different story. Little bits of shell can cling to the egg or chunks of delicious, healthy egg white can come falling off when you barely touch your egg. Thanks to a new video that's gone viral on Twitter, your days of chipping away at tiny pieces of shell are over because according to the sight before us, your snack will pop out of its shell in a pinch. Literally.

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In the nine-second clip posted Jan. 5, a person stands before a running sink with a rocks glass and a hard-boiled egg. The egg is inserted into the glass, which is then filled with water. The person cups their hand over the top of the glass and shakes it vigorously. The egg is taken out of the glass and with a pinch of three fingers, it slides out of its slippery shell.

It's unclear who is actually in this video because the hard-boiled egg hack was shared by @backt0nature, a Twitter account that shares pictures and videos (mostly of animals) to 213,000 followers.

Although the clip is helpful (should the trick actually work), people are giving the person flack for leaving the faucet on. Of nearly 100 comments on the post currently, many mention how much water is being wasted.

"While I'm impressed by the trick, remember to turn off the tap the next time you do this. Kills me to watch such wastage of water," @madhuriketa said.

"I love the comments about running water. Hope for the future! Twitter rules!" @MariekeKruijs said.

We have a few unanswered questions for the unidentified hard-boiled egg hacker: How old are the eggs? Are they still hot or did you let them cool before you shook them? Is the water hot, warm or cold?

One internet sleuth says you need to do it while the egg is still hot, and that the water needs to be cold. You're "essentially 'shocking' the egg out of its shell," nickgu_ said. @Tobyanca replied, writing, "I tried it with a refrigerated egg and it still worked."

So, who knows? You can always follow our step-by-step guide on how to boil eggs perfectly every time, which features a different method for peeling. If you don't want to risk it for the biscuit, don't get scrambled. From zucchini fritters and high-protein pancakes to jazzed-up deviled eggs, cheesy casseroles and more, here are 50 exciting ways to cook an egg.