This is a Hamburger, According to North Korean Airlines

Wait till you see what counts as a hamburger on North Korea's state-owned airline
What a Hamburger Looks Like, According to North Korean Airlines

This is North Korea's version of a "hamburger."

The country of North Korea might not be too fond of the United States, but that doesn’t stop its citizens from wanting to try American cuisine.

Recently, intrepid traveler Bobthewraith posted these sad photos on Reddit that show what counts as a hamburger according to the state-owned, national flag carrier airline of North Korea, Air Koryo.

Behold, the “hamburger,” according to the hermit kingdom:

One eagle-eyed viewer was able to locate the meat patty, or at least a hint of it, lying flat and nearly colorless beneath that sad piece of lettuce.

Here’s a description of the burger from Bobthewraith:

“It was so ground, scant, and tasteless that I couldn't tell, but it's definitely not beef or tofu. My guess is that it's either pork or heavily processed chicken.”

Have you ever felt so patriotic about American hamburgers in your entire life? Remember this feeling forever.

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