Guy Peels a Bunch of Apples in the Coolest Way Possible

Here’s a mesmerizing video of a guy peeling apples with a power drill
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We're big fans of using power tools in the kitchen.

If you’re feeling particularly brave in the kitchen lately, here’s an utterly fascinating culinary method that seems worth exploring: the use of a power drill. Why? For one thing, it speeds things up.

For another, it looks really cool.

In this video from Handimania, you’ll learn how to peel a whole bunch of apples in no time at all, just by turning on a power drill.

Will you need this kitchen hack often? Probably not, but this will come in very handy if you ever get the urge to make applesauce, or you’re given the task of baking a dozen apple pies for Thanksgiving.

Not to mention, this awesome method is totally applicable to plenty of other smooth-skinned fruits and vegetables (but probably not potatoes). Even if you don’t end up using this hack in your own life, the video itself is pretty hypnotic.

Bonus material: Here's a video of Alton Brown grinding pepper with a power drill.

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