Frozen Food Reviewer Quits Mid-Video: 'This Just Isn't Good'

In the middle of a recent review of Kid Cuisine Limited Edition How to Train Your Dragon Chicken Nuggets, Gregory Ng, host of the YouTube series Freezerburns, decided it was time to stop.

Since 2008, Freezerburns has weighed the merits of more than 1,000 frozen meals since 2008, ranging from the standard fare of "sodium-laden and fattening" options to meals designed specifically for special dietary needs.

"As the Frozen Food Master, I was able to uncover those gems in the freezer aisle that were great tasting and good for you with the added convenience that frozen meals provide," Ng told Adweek. "And when I reviewed things that were great tasting but not great for you, I feel like I represented the tradeoffs in eating them. Because of this, I feel like I promoted the frozen food industry in a positive but realistic way."

Over time, however, Ng recognized that, in knowing that reviews of the unhealthiest items would get the most views, he became dependent on featuring those items over more healthful options. Finally, a review of a $2 frozen dinner option meant to appeal to young children made Ng realize enough was enough.

Ng says that his recorded "departure" from the show was a long time in coming. Though it's hard to be blown away by a "mic drop" moment filmed in a host's kitchen by the host himself, there is genuine emotion behind Ng's moment of truth. Watch below for Gregory's simple message to parents and the frozen food industry:

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy