Sleep Soundly With This Comforting Pizza Night Light

Night light is being sold by Kikkerland for $6
pizza night light


We’re not sure if this night light will put you to sleep or make you want to get up for a midnight snack.

We’ve all heard of counting sheep to help you fall asleep, but what about thinking delicious pizza thoughts? Retailer Kikkerland is selling a Pizza Night Light to “remind yourself how much you love pizza as you drift off to sleep.”

The night light was designed by Steph Mantis from Biddeford, Maine. According to her bio, she was born and raised “in a house and pizza parlor” and “creates quirky household items that transform a banal area in your home into a place of fantasy and whimsy.” Other designs by Mantis include Animal Butt Magnets and Pizza Coasters.

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The Pizza Night light is on sale for $6.00 and comes with a seven-watt bulb. The night light itself resembles a slice of classic cheese pizza atop a flimsy paper plate that from experience does nothing to protect you from the unavoidable grease that comes with the pizza eating experience.