Shots Fired: Martha Stewart Calls Skinnygirl Margaritas 'Horrible'

"I'll have one Martha margarita... extra salty." Martha Stewart has no qualms about expressing how she really feels about her hosting and housekeeping rivals. The queen is well-known for her bad blood with fellow twee appetizer-creator Gwyneth Paltrow, and yesterday she poked fun at Bethenny Frankel, creator of Skinnygirl margaritas.

At a partnership promotional event with Triscuit, during which Stewart unveiled her coconut sea salt Triscuit creation, pitchers full of margaritas using her recipe were served. When asked about the perfect margarita, Stewart revealed that it all has to do with using fresh ingredients and staying away from the "fake stuff."  She used Skinnygirl Margaritas as an example, saying that she didn't like the taste, and then went on to say, "Not that I'm saying anything bad about Skinnygirl, because she's been very successful, but... yes I am, because I think they're horrible drinks."

We won't comment on the Skinnygirl shade thrown, but we will say that Martha's evaluation of what makes a great margarita is spot-on. As for selecting the freshest fruit for your margaritas, like guacamole, pineapple salsa, and other summer staples? Martha reminds us to stick your nose in it. You may look weird in the grocery store, but sniffing fruit allows you to determine how fresh it is. Pineapples should have a slightly sweet odor, while avocados should not have a strong odor at all.