National Geographic Launches ‘Eat: The Story of Food’ Documentary Series

‘Eat: The Story of Food’ is a six-episode documentary that showcases the history of how we eat

The series tugs on our love of food porn, with a healthy dosage of history and information.

National Geographic entered the world of food coverage several months ago with the launch of the new eight-month food technology and innovation-driven series in their magazine titled “The Future of Food.” National Geographic’s foray into the culinary world has now expanded onto TV, with the introduction of a brand-new documentary miniseries called Eat: The Story of Food, which airs this Friday on the National Geographic channel. According to National Geographic, their new six-part, three-night miniseries will detail “the epic story of food and how it made us.”

The first part of the series, which airs at 8 p.m., is entitled “Food Revolutionaries” and focuses on the culinary icons of our modern world (think Julia Child, James Beard, Jacques Pépin, and beyond).  And don’t expect it to be dry, either.

"It is a sexy, sexy thing,” author Simon Majumdar, one of the documentary’s talking heads, told Nola. “I'm not a great fan of the phrase 'food porn,' but I am a big fan of the fact that food is sexy and sensual."

Latter episodes take a look at meat (entitled “Carnivores”), desserts (“Sugar Rushes”), fish (Hooked on Seafood”), and junk food (“Guilty Pleasures”).

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