José Andrés Announced That He’s ‘Running’ for President With Tom Colicchio as His Running Mate

José Andrés announced on Twitter that he will be running for president on a third-party ticket; but he’s probably joking
As one Twitter user said, “Make America Small Plates Again.”

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As one Twitter user said, “Make America Small Plates Again.”

Are you tired of this election season’s crop of unruly candidates?Are you ready to put your trust in someone different who shares an equal love of fine American cuisine with progressive ideals? From behind the swinging doors comes a new presidential candidate, esteemed chef José Andrés (minibar, E).

With toque in hand and a pot over-boiling with fervent patriotism, the celebrity chef and philanthropist “announced” on Twitter his intention to run for president.

Andrés even has a running mate picked out:

Unfortunately, the whole thing was probably a joke, but imagining a José Andrés campaign is an amusing distraction from the 2016 election political circus.

He has strong views on animal rights:

His economic policy shies away from socialistic tendencies: 

His strategy for conquering poverty in America is on point:

And most importantly, the only wall he will build is one that will help out farmers:

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Would you cast your ballot for Andrés/Colicchio 2016?