Ivanka Trump Put Marshmallows On Hot Dogs And People Are Confused

Ivanka Trump celebrated her daughter Arabella's birthday with balloons, presents, and a Filipino dish that left many scratching their heads.

In Trump's Instagram story, she posted a picture of hot dogs topped with marshmallows on a stick and wrote, "Keeping it healthy."

Many people took to Twitter to express their confusion over the seemingly odd combination.

However, the snack is actually a common dish served at children's birthday parties in the Philippines.

Natalia Roxas, co-founder of Filipino Kitchen, told Delish that hot dogs in the Philippines are redder than the ones Trump served since they're typically made of pork.

"It tastes like a party," Roxas said. "I have fond memories eating this. Our marshmallow is made sweeter, so it gives you a salty-sweet dynamic. But especially when the hotdog is fresh off the pan or grill, the marshmallow has a slight melt on it, and you get a gooey bite with your hotdog."