Does Your Dog’s Kibble Need a Condiment? If So, Meet Slobbersaus

We know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s not salad dressing

We find something new every day. 

Time and time again, humans have proven that there’s nothing we won’t do for our pets — so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that there now appears to be a condiment for kibble.

Our editorial director passed along the above photo of a product called Slobbersaus, which seems to be available in Europe, according to our Internet search results. Junior pups get lamb flavor, adult dogs get beef, and seniors get chicken.   

From maker Nedac Sorbo, Slobbersaus is described by one vendor as “a wonderful sauce with 21 essential vitamins and minerals for the dry kibble for your dog.” It purportedly turns dry food into “delicious and high quality gourmet menu [sic].”


Personally, we think it’s probably easier just to buy wet food if your dog needs the extra moisture, but to each his own. Incidentally, if any of you have actually tried Slobbersaus, feel free to tell us how it went.