Bradley Cooper’s ‘Burnt’ Movie Tanks at the Box Office

‘Burnt’ starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, about a chef’s comeback after falling from grace, got panned by critics

Cooper’s character may have won accolades for his food, but the movie will likely not scoop up any awards.

Burnt is toast. Burnt, the drama about a talented chef’s fall from grace and dream of earning three Michelin stars, starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, did not live up to its hype.Despite extensive press coverage on the film’s authenticity (Cooper was trained by a real Michelin-starred chef), Burnt was panned by critics and flopped at the box office during opening weekend, selling just over $5 million in tickets, which was paltry compared to The Martian’s continued success which is still earning $11.4 million every weekend.

Burnt is currently hovering at an atrocious 29 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with critics calling the film, a “thinly-veiled advertisement for Gordon Ramsay” and “not believable,” with plenty of atrocious food puns underlining the film’s poor performance (think, “half-baked,” “underdone,” and “lukewarm.”) Reviews critique that the film relies heavily on food porn close-ups and melodramatic shots of Cooper yelling and cursing in the kitchen.

According to Jeff Bock, an analyst with Exhibitor Relations, the reason for the film’s blasé reviews points to the change in our media consumption: “There’s no reason to spend twelve bucks on a film like Burnt when you can stay home and watch a whole season of a show on Netflix or HBO that is much better,” he tells Variety Magazine.


Perhaps you should re-watch the first few seasons of Mind of a Chef or Chef’s Table before shelling out money for a ticket to Burnt. You just might find that your Netflix binge is cooked at the perfect temperature.