Wylie Dufresne Launches Test Kitchen Dinner Series At Alder

Were you bummed out that you couldn't partake in wd~50's food one last time before the restaurant closed this past fall? Don't worry, because you can soon check out the newest restaurant experience chef Wylie Dufresne has his up his sleeve: a test kitchen dinner series. The four-week series will take place on Tuesdays at Alder in New York, where Dufresne is executive chef, and will feature a four-course menu of dishes that are still in development behind the swinging doors at Alder. A few of the culinary highlights include a boudin corn dog with Meyer lemon mustard and roasted poblaños and a dessert of Irish coffee pudding.

"We're always testing new dishes for the menu at Alder, and we go through many versions of a dish before we finally settle on a final," chef Dufresne told The Daily Meal. "Chef de cuisine Ryan Henderson and I thought it might be fun to make diners part of that process, help them become part of our team at Alder. Through these dinners, they can get a behind the scenes look at Alder and the dishes that we're playing around with. There are plans to put some of our favorites from these dinners onto the menu at Alder."

The dinners start on March 24, and cost $55 per person. You can claim your spot by calling Alder's reservation line.