The World’s Largest Truffle Breaks the Bank at $1 Million

Sabatino Truffles discovered the world’s largest truffle to date; the delicacy weighs in at over four pounds

It looks like Sabatino president Piero Balestra doesn’t want to let this enormous root go. 

It’s every great chef’s dream to find a perfect truffle to add flavor to gourmet meals. This time around, our obsession with truffles has broken the bank, and the scale. Sabatino Truffles has found what the purport to be the world’s largest white truffle, weighing in at 4.16 pounds, and is worth at least $1 million. It’s almost twice the size of the previous record-holder. Earlier this year, Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas came to be in possession of the world’s largest black truffle at 1.17 pounds. That black truffle is dwarfed in comparison to this giant, which was unearthed by special truffle-sniffing dogs in Italy.

Already Sabatino Truffles, a gourmet truffle agricultural company, has noted that offers for this enormous tuber have come in from around the globe, including a $1 million offer from China. The truffle will be auctioned off in New York this week, and all proceeds will go toward a charity of the buyer’s choice.

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi