Woman Cooks Homemade Meals Every Week for 40 Shelter Dogs

Claire Nash gives 44 shelter dogs a full dinner every Sunday in her hometown in Wales
Woman Cooks Homemade Meals Every Week for 40 Shelter Dogs

This is one of the lucky Cardiff pups that receives a little home-cooked love every Sunday.

Every weekend, Claire Nash finds herself cooking for 50. No, she doesn’t have one of those comically large 19 Kids and Counting families. Every weekend, Nash cooks meals for herself, her husband, her four children, and 44 local shelter dogs in need of some tender loving care (and bacon, of course). Every Sunday, she brings home-cooked meals, made with chicken, bacon, vegetables, gravy, and even Yorkshire pudding, to 44 shelter dogs at the Cardiff Dogs’ Home in Wales.

According to Wamiz, Nash’s good deed began in March of this year, when she started bringing the family’s leftovers to the shelter every weekend. But alas, some of the dogs were left out each time, so she started to simply set aside ingredients to cook full meals for each dog.

The meals make a tangible difference. Shelter volunteer Susie James told Wales Online about a dog named Molly who was in ill health when she first arrived: “we couldn’t get her to eat anything. She is a tiny little girl, couldn’t afford to lose an ounce, yet was getting skinnier by the day. The Yorkshire pudding was the first thing she would take, she absolutely loves them!”

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