'What If I Generally Dislike Food?' And Other Questions To Think Over Before You Eat At A Nick Kokonas Restaurant

Nick Kokonas, the restaurateur behind Alinea, Next, and The Aviary, runs a tight ship across all his businesses. They're fortified by Tock, his own commercial ticketing platform which allows guests to pay for their meals in advance.

Kokonas and his business partner, chef Grant Achatz, are no strangers to setting a hard line for guests who create a disruption for other diners, like the couple who thought it was a good idea to bring their infant to Alinea.

No doubt inspired by those past guests and many other inquisitive visitors to his restaurant, Kokonas posted a list of "frequently asked questions."

The FAQ poses questions like, "I usually take my oatmeal standing. Can you accommodate me?" and "I cry while eating poultry. Is that okay?" None of the questions have been answered yet — they still have Latin text as filler — but perhaps that's meant to serve as encouragement for self-reflection.

Sadly, Kokonas told The Daily Meal that these questions were not in fact, based on past experiences. "Actually, one of our developers at Tock simply made that stuff up," said Kokonas. "We get all sorts of crazy/amazing/befuddling complaints, but none of them are those."