We Now Have Guacamole Ice Cream Sundaes and Life May Never Be the Same

In honor of Rosa Mexicano’s annual ice cream festival, the Mexican chain restaurant has created a guacamole ice cream sundae

Prepare for photos of this sweet and savory creation to go viral on social media.

We knew about avocado ice cream, but we were completely unprepared for this ingenious creation.Rosa Mexicano, the international Mexican restaurant chain, is celebrating its annual ice cream festival with the addition of a new unique item: guacamole ice cream sundaes.

Available during the whole month of August, the tempting dessert inspired by everyone’s favorite Mexican dip features avocado ice cream served in a frozen molcajete (traditional stone mortar and pestle) with raspberries, white chocolate shavings, mint, piloncillo-chocolate sauce, and cinnamon-sugar tortilla chips. Of course, this is more of a sweet visual imitation of guacamole, but the chain restaurant is also offering unusual savory ice cream flavors like chocolate mole and tomatillo salsa.


You can get yours at multiple Rosa Mexicano locations for $3 per scoop, or $8 for three scoops. Additional flavors include vanilla con mole (vanilla with chocolate mole swirl), abuelita (cinnamon-chile spiced chocolate and candied guajillo), cajeta y sal marina (sea-salted caramel), negra modelo (chocolate ice cream, candied bacon), tamarindo (tamarind-lime sorbet), aguacate (avocado), and tomatillo jalapeño (sweet-spicy tomatillo, candied serrano).