We Know The Secret To Getting Free Guacamole At Chipotle

It's a good day: you've decided to get your Chipotle burrito fix for lunch. Sure, a Chipotle burrito might cost you upwards of 1,200 calories, but maybe you've been having salads every day.

Once you order your burrito bowl with your favorite toppings, you always get that reminder from your burrito artisan: "Guacamole will be $1.80 extra, is that ok?" (Sometimes even $2 extra, depending on the location).No, it's not okay, you don't want to pay extra for guac, but you can't imagine biting into that Chipotle without the savory taste of mashed avocados.

What if we told you that there was a way to get free guacamole, and never have to pay  anything extra again? All you have to do is go meat-free. That's right: if you order your Chipotle burrito or bowl with fajita vegetables and beans instead of carnitas, steak, or chicken, that extra guac fee will be waived.

Unfortunately, that perk of being a vegetarian or vegan does not extend to sofritas, the Chipotle-style tofu.

But vegans and vegetarians still have free guac bragging rights: