Walmart Trashes ‘Perfectly Good’ Food in Canada

A team dumpster dive revealed that Walmart wasn’t practicing what it preached

Waste found during the investigation includes fresh fruit, unopened pastry boxes, and unexpired cartons of milk. ​

This summer, Walmart cut back on food waste by selling “ugly” produce after a campaign called #WhatTheFork targeted the world’s largest grocer for its wasteful practices. The recent stride has apparently taken a back seat, though, because an investigation by CBC Marketplace recently revealing in a two-part series just how much two locations in Canada threw out in only 12 days.

CBC revealed last week that over the course of its investigation, Marketplace staff found large amounts of food discarded, some of which were well before their best-by dates and frozen foods that were still cold to the touch. The team also found food in its original packaging, rather than being separated for composting.


In response to the investigation, Walmart released a statement that said some food is thrown out before its best-before date because it is deemed unsafe for consumption; however, former Walmart employee Ali-Zain Mevawala’s manager told him otherwise.