Urban Outfitters Is Opening 2 Restaurants and a Bar in Austin


Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart
We’d be disappointed if the Urban Outfitters restaurant didn’t serve food truck fare, pickled everything, kale, and other stereotypically hip foods.

Urban Outfitters, the hipster clothing haven known for carrying quirky clothing like unicorn Snuggies and wildly patterned jumpsuits, is opening up two restaurants and a bar in Austin, Texas. The unnamed restaurants and bar will be located on “the Drag,” the nickname for Guadalupe Street, which runs along the edge of the University of Texas at Austin’s campus. Urban Outfitters bought out the leases of five retail spaces along the Drag, and will open a giant UO mega-center with the two restaurants and a bar by the end of September, according to The Austin Chronicle.

Urban Outfitters has also come under fire for a few controversial items in recent years, including a bloodied Kent University sweatshirt.

This isn’t the only time the clothing store has forayed into the world of food. The Gorbals restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where you can eat a whole pig’s head, is located inside a three-store Urban Outfitters. But it seems like the upcoming Urban Outfitters between 24th and 25th Streets in Austin will be even bigger.

Locals, especially university students, are none too happy about losing a Mellow Mushroom and hookah bar in exchange for the cool clothing store.


“I wish it were at least a CVS or something convenient, just not an Urban Outfitters,” William Somers, a local resident, told The Austin Chronicle.