Time Magazine Creates Detailed Infographic on ‘The State of Obama’s Plate’

Time Magazine Creates Detailed Infographic on ‘The State of Obama’s Plate’
Screencap/Time magazine

Since his inauguration in 2009, Obama has eaten many, many burgers.  

In a detailed analysis of President Obama’s dining habits and food preferences since he took office six years ago, Time magazine dedicates a lengthy infographic to the “burger joints, steakhouses, and date night destinations where you can find America’s Eater-in-Chief."

According to data gathered from more than 12,400 reports filed by the White House press pool, Time learned that Obama has eaten in at least 28 states, “is nearly three times as likely to find himself wielding a fork and knife in a place that voted for him than against him,” and that his favorite restaurant is Alan Wong’s in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Further investigation reveals that, despite calls for more nutritious eating habits across the country, the President’s go-to lunch, outside of the White House, is a cheeseburger — a steady and dependable choice that The Washington Post called "a love story.”

As for steak, Obama is a self-professed “medium-well guy,” and has enjoyed the menu of places like RPM Steak in Chicago, Buzz’s Lanikai in Hawaii, and Bourbon Steak and BLT Steak; both in Washington, D.C.

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Check out the full infographic online at Time