Teen Chef Opens His First Restaurant with $160 Tasting Menu, Sparks Anger in Chef Community

Flynn McGarry, the teenage culinary prodigy, is finally opening up a restaurant, and one dish is a fancy peanut butter and jelly

The young chef and lamb saddle cooked on the bone with black olive, Meyer lemon, and a potato cooked in yogurt.

New York City is getting another high-end restaurant that will most likely be very difficult to snag a reservation for. But it’s not another Torrisi eatery, nor is it from Thomas Keller or Daniel Boulud. Actually, the chef is quite a bit younger: Flynn McGarry, the teenage chef hailed as a gastronomic prodigy, will open his first-ever full-fledged restaurant this month.

Two years ago, at the age of 14, McGarry ran a temporary pop-up restaurant, and now he’s going full-time. He will open Eureka at Creative Edge September 12 in the West Village, according to Food & Wine magazine.

Three days a week, McGarry will cook a $160, 14-course tasting menu featuring one of his signature dishes: an upscale peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It consists of peanut Ritz crackers with foie gras terrine and sour cherry compote, a reflection, perhaps of the chef’s tender age and impressive skills. Diners can also enjoy sea-water-brined sea urchin with carrot crémeux and coffee-pickled carrots.

We know one chef won’t be attending: David Santos, whose restaurant Louro closed its doors earlier this summer, posted an incendiary rant on Instagram, ripping into the young chef:

“The fact the media even calls him a chef offends me to no end….. [being a chef] is not about playing dress up and plating a couple dishes.”


If you want to experience Eureka yourself, despite the criticism, you can try to snag yourself a ticketed reservation on the restaurant’s website.