Shaun Hergatt’s Michelin-Starred Juni Is Closing This Weekend

Juni, located in Hotel Chandler, is chef Hergatt’s last restaurant in New York, and will close this Saturday

Juni was just awarded a Michelin star last year.

Juni — Shaun Hergatt’s boutique restaurant inspired by nature — will be serving its last meal this Saturday. The restaurant, located in Hotel Chandler in Koreatown, just received its first Michelin star last year in the New York guide. It is unclear why the restaurant — named the 22nd best in New York City by The Daily Meal — is closing.

"I want to thank Triumph Hotels and all of the people involved for their support over the last four years during my time as executive chef at Juni,” Hergatt said in a statement. “It has been incredibly rewarding to launch Juni and be a part of its success. I look forward to watching from afar as the hotel continues to flourish."

Hotel Chandler confirmed with Eater that another full-service restaurant, mostly to serve hotel guests, will be opening on June 6 in the interim before the hotel can find another chef and restaurant concept to fill the space.


This is not the first time Shaun Hergatt has had a restaurant shuttered in New York. His other Michelin-starred restaurant, located in the Financial District, was called SHO Shaun and closed several years ago.