This Restaurant Offers a Discount to All Gun Owners

The Dueling Irons, a restaurant in Post Falls, Idaho, offers a 15 percent discount to anyone who carries a gun

Got a firearm on you or back at home? Your bill will be slashed.

We’ve heard of military discounts or deals for police and firefighters, but this is a pretty new trend: A restaurant in North Idaho is offering a 15 percent discount to any gun owners, either customers who are carrying a weapon on them (concealed or open-carry) or have a gun license in their wallet. This is a new policy for Dueling Irons on Schneidmiller Avenue in Post Falls, Idaho, but owner Thomas Didra has always been passionate about the Second Amendment and teaching others that the vast majority of gun owners are responsible.

"I wanted to provide a safe environment for people to come in and not only learn but experience that gun owners are usually self-respecting, very good people," Didra told local CBS News syndicate, KREM.

As a result of the discount, Dueling Irons has become an informal gathering place for people in the area who are passionate about guns.

Didra has gotten a fairly positive response from customers at the mom and pop diner, but admits that the policy has experienced some backlash.

"This is what we've chosen to do as a business and we respect your choices. And don't hold any ill will if you don't feel comfortable or safe in that environment."


Of course, Dueling Irons isn’t the only restaurant with this policy. The Daily Meal has reported on several eateries who offer gun discounts including Papa Roux in Indiana and Bergeron’s in Louisiana.