Postmates Pop Comes to NYC

Announcement comes two days after Uber shuts down its UberEATS Instant Delivery

Postmates Pop aims to deliver a selection of meals to its customers in 15 minutes or less.

Will Postmates Pop succeed where UberEats Instant Delivery could not in NYC? The company has launched Pop, its 15-minutes-or-less food delivery service, in NYC last week, just two days after UberEATS shut down its Instant Delivery option.

For Uber, its 10 minutes or less promise was not feasible for its drivers, who were up against New York City traffic. “In order to bring you the most exciting selection, the highest quality food, and the fastest delivery time, we’ve decided to narrow our focus,” Uber told New York City customers. “Starting today, 4/18, we’ll no longer be offering a daily Instant Delivery lunch menu.”

Postmates hopes to get around the New York City traffic issues that plagued Uber by cutting out pick-up time. Instead of taking orders, picking up meals, and delivering them, drivers will start the day with an inventory of dishes in special heated food containers and will deliver orders until they run out of food, reports Eater. A Postmates spokesperson says, “Each driver carries a limited supply in order to guarantee freshness and speed.”

The service is available on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the company is not charging a delivery fee for Pop items at time of launch.


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