Pizza Rat And Bagel Pigeon, Meet Doughnut Raccoon

Video footage of a raccoon stealing a doughnut from an unnamed doughnut shop has surfaced, joining the likes of Pizza Rat and Bagel Pigeon. The video, uploaded on Tuesday, has already gained over 300,000 views. One commenter jokes, "Too bad Ariana Grande licked that doughnut."

Doughnut raccoon popped out of the ceiling and surveyed his choices below. The person recording the video is clearly rooting for the raccoon and does not seem to be disgusted at all. He narrates the entire spectacle, saying, "He's doing it, he is doing it... He's gonna commit. Ok, if he falls outta that hole he's gonna have a — this is incredible." The raccoon makes off with his doughnut of choice before sneaking back from where it came, into the ceiling tiles just as quietly as it came. Slow clap for Doughnut Raccoon.

The video makes you wonder, though, where are the employees through all this?