Nutella Lasagna is Real, and It’s a Beautiful Thing

A bakery in Brooklyn has invented Nutella lasagna: the gluttonous pasta dessert of your dreams

Where has this chocolate-y, cannoli cream-filled creation been all my life?

Forget the endless iterations of the croissant doughnut. One bakery in Brooklyn knows what your sweet tooth really craves, and that’s Nutella lasagna. You heard  right. Robicelli’s in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn has created a sweet lasagna: the lasagna noodles are slathered with layers of cannoli cream and Nutella, instead of sauce and ground meat. The whole lasagna creation is topped with gooey toasted marshmallows instead of oozing melted cheese. Oh, and more Nutella is drizzled on top, in case that’s not enough.

Alisson Robicelli breaks down the components of the Nutella lasagna, which was created this summer as part of the bakery’s half-serious “Jump the Shark” week of viral Frankenfood creations,  for Gothamist:

“It's layers of buttery lasagna noodles, cannoli custard, copious amounts of Nutella, crushed roasted hazelnuts and chopped chocolate, with some marshmallows on top for additional sweetness. They'll be sold in foil catering pans, so you can pop it in the oven at home and serve warm Nutellasagna after dinner. Or you can eat it cold or room temp — totally up to you. No fancy packaging — this is straight South Brooklyn guinea.”

Well, the lasagna was so popular, the bakery decided to make it a regular menu item. You can get yours starting the week of Christmas: half-trays go for $65 (10-15 people) and full-trays go for $120 (15-24 people).


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