Now You Can Order Food By Talking To Your Amazon Echo

Food delivery is getting easier every day. You can order pizza at the push of a button or via Twitter. Two years ago, Amazon announced its takeout service; and now you can order food through your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot simply by talking to "Alexa," the artificially intelligent interface.

Prime members in 20 cities can ask Alexa to order food by saying a restaurant or cuisine type.  Alexa will then pull up past orders from the customer's order history and will list meal options based on that. When you select a meal out loud, it will be charged to your Amazon account and delivered to your door within an hour.

"Customers now have a hands-free, hassle-free way to reorder any meal from Amazon Restaurants using their voice to get dinner on the table," Gus Lopez, general manager of Amazon Restaurants at Amazon, said in a statement. "We are excited to leverage the innovative Alexa technology and give Prime members another easy way for Amazon Restaurants to take care of dinnertime with no menu markups and free delivery in one hour or less." 

We can already see a disaster brewing based on the little girl who accidentally ordered four pounds of cookies with Amazon Echo Dot.