Amazon Now Has A Takeout Delivery Service

You may be using Amazon to buy food gadgets and accessories for the loved ones on your Christmas list, but starting this holiday season, you'll be able to use Amazon to order some lo mein while you finish shopping. That's right, Amazon now does food delivery and takeout. In an effort to create new features and competition with other big food-ordering companies out there like Seamless and GrubHub, Amazon has quietly rolled out a food delivery and takeout service on the Groupon-like Amazon Local service. Right now, the service looks to be only available in Seattle with a couple dozen restaurants, but we expect that will change soon.

Amazon delivery allows you to browse restaurants and place an order using your existing Amazon account. Restaurant delivery is not the only service Amazon wants to expand: they had also recently introduced Amazon Fresh in Seattle, which deliveries fresh produce to your door à la Fresh Direct or Peapod. According to Tech Crunch, the next Amazon innovation might be Amazon Travel, which would allow customers to book flights and hotels.

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