Monstrous or Genius? This Pizzeria Put Crust on All Three Sides of Its Slice

The latest innovation from Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn is a trice-crusted slice of pizza for people who love the end of the pi
Never run out of crust again.

Vinnie's Pizzeria 

Never run out of crust again.

Vinnie’s in Brooklyn has become the world’s unofficial Willy Wonka of pizzerias. First it gave us the pizza box made of pizza, then the pizza inception, and then we had a laugh at the giant “wall” pizza inspired by Donald Trump, and made for people with small hands.

Now we can dig into a slice of pizza surrounded on all three sides by crust, instead of just the usual one. For anyone who has ever thought the crust is the best part of the pie, this is your pizza dream-come-true.

This isn’t the only quirky special Vinnie’s Pizzeria has been cooking up lately. One of its pizza specials this week is the Knot Your Average Pepperoni pie — a pizza made with garlic knot crust, and topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, and ricotta. We’re not so sure about the three-crust pizza, but a crust made entirely out of garlic knots sounds more than tempting.

We fully expect insanity from Vinnie’s creations and can’t wait to see what it comes up with next. 

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