McDonald’s Is Testing Adding McGriddles to All-Day Breakfast, By Customer Demand

Chain is offering an expanded all-day breakfast menu in 72 Tulsa restaurants beginning February 1

Test is expected to run from two to three months before McDonald’s decides how to proceed.

You’re one step closer to enjoying McGriddles all day.

In the wake of rising domestic sales and the successes of all-day breakfast, McDonald’s is now conducting tests that, if successful, will result in the addition of the McGriddle to its all-day breakfast. The Associated Press reports that the chain plans to offer an expanded all-day breakfast menu that includes the McGriddle and biscuit sandwiches in 27 restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma beginning February 1. The test is estimated to run from two to three months before McDonald’s decides how to proceed.

At a time when McDonald’s is trying to simplify operations in order to improve order accuracy and speed, this new test might prove to be counterintuitive. McGriddle pancake buns need to be warmed up in ovens that are also used to heat up apple pies, cookies, and mozzarella sticks during lunch hours, according to LeAnn Richards, a McDonald’s franchisee.

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Additionally, McGriddles and biscuit sandwiches are made with a frozen egg patty instead of the cracked egg used in McMuffins, adding to struggles  and pressures some franchises already feel in juggling grill and oven space to serve customers all-day breakfast.