McDonald’s is Making Bigger Burgers: Third Pounders Back on the Menu

McDonald’s third pounders are back on the menu after disappearing in 2013
McDonald’s is Making Bigger Burgers: Third Pounders Back on the Menu

How much McDonald’s could you eat?

McDonald’s is getting bigger. As the largest fast food company in the world, we didn’t think that was possible, but the golden arches have decided to bring back the third pounder, according to AP. The three varieties of sirloin third pounders include: the standard lettuce & tomato, bacon & cheese and The Steakhouse, which comes with grilled mushrooms and onions, white cheddar and peppercorn sauce.

Fans might recognize these new larger menu items. McDonald’s used to have an angus third pounder on the menu, but the big burger disappeared in 2013 after the company suggested that customers didn’t really want to pay more for more beef. This time around, you can get your third pounder for $4.99 per sandwich.

The new burgers are just one of a few recent changes made to the McDonald’s menu. Following in Subway’s footsteps, McDonald’s just announced a new and improved grilled chicken recipe (now with fewer antibiotics). The chain will also soon be rolling out its highly-anticipated customizable burger program nationwide where customers can build their own burgers by tapping a touchscreen. 

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