McDonald's Japan Just Added Avocado And Cobb Salad To Their McMuffins

McDonald's is really jumping on the avocado bandwagon.[First we found out that they're testing out avocado toast in Australia, and now word has gotten out about a new Egg McMuffin on the menu in McDonald's Japan.

The new "wakeup call" resembles a hybrid avocado toast/McMuffin, and is consists of an English muffin with avocado, ham, lettuce, and "spicy Cobb Salad sauce" (although we're not entirely sure what that means). There are no more details about the unusual new breakfast item or whether it will be coming to the States anytime soon.

McDonald's has really been pushing the envelope lately. Right now, the fast food chain is testing out table service, and come October, they will release a nationwide app. Plus, who could forget the bizarre high-end Restaurant M popup in Tokyo? All signs point to McDonald's trying to appeal to a wider audience in order to boost slumping sales.