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1. The Setup

Ingredients. There's nothing fancy here in the way of ingredients — just a store-bought English muffin; a slice of Canadian bacon; some olive oil, vegetable oil, or cooking spray; water; about a tablespoon of butter; and a slice of American cheese that looks an awful lot like a Kraft single, but you didn't hear it from us. And an egg, of course.

Equipment. Again, pretty simple. You'll want a nonstick pan with a lid (or another nonstick pan that's the same size), a heatproof spatula, a paring knife, a cutting board, a pastry brush (if you're not using cooking spray), and a ring mold* about the same size as the English muffin (you'll see why later).

* Ring molds are available at most culinary supply stores and are priced at around $6-$10.