McDonald's Calls It A Wrap On Its Wraps

McDonald's has removed its signature wraps from its menus following disappointing sales and the difficulty in assembling the product.

Premium McWraps were introduced in 2013, and known internally as the 'Subway buster.' The menu item was meant to attract younger healthier eaters, reports Bloomberg. Jack Russo, analyst at Edward Jones, says, "A lot of people who eat at restaurants aren't interested in health and wellness. You've got to give the people what they want."

McWraps weren't only unpopular with customers, but with employees and franchisees as well. The wraps were time-consuming to make. It took 20 seconds just to steam the tortilla, and all the ingredients needed to be chopped, stuffed, and rolled neatly to fit inside a slim cardboard box. Given the stresses already put on franchises with the addition of all-day breakfast, simplifying the menu by eliminating the underperforming wraps makes sense.

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