Magnolia Bakery Is Giving Out Banana Pudding Through UberEats This Thursday, August 27

Plus, a new banana pudding cupcake is on the way

You’ll also have the chance to win a year’s supply of banana pudding. 

This Thursday, August 27, happens to be National Banana Lovers’ Day, according to the food industry powers that be, but the legendary Magnolia Bakery is taking the opportunity to stage a banana pudding takeover — by giving out free banana pudding.

On Thursday, the first 300 customers to place a delivery order on UberEats in New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles will receive a free order of banana pudding. 

Magnolia will also celebrate the food holiday by launching an all-new banana pudding cupcake — a vanilla wafer cupcake filled with sweet banana curd and topped with their signature banana pudding cream — available between August 27 and August 30.

Finally, Magnolia is giving New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles residents the chance to win a year’s supply of banana pudding.


To enter, tag an Instagram photo with the hashtag #bananapudding.