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A Look Inside a New York City Restaurateur’s Home Kitchen With the Scotto Family

The family opens up about their home in Southampton, New York

The Scotto family is best known for their Italian restaurant in New York City, Fresco by Scotto. Recently, the family of four — Marion, Rosanna, Anthony Jr., and Elaina — have revealed the inner workings of their own kitchen in their home on Long Island, showing that their love for food goes beyond their family-owned operation in the city.

While many families spend time in the living room, the Scotto family says their kitchen is their go-to spot to spend quality time, according to Today.

“It's almost like our living room ... we're in this kitchen all day long,” Elaina told Today.

The Scottos’ kitchen has an open-set up, with an island in the middle, stainless steel finishes, two commercial ovens, and a wine fridge.

“Everything is designed so that when my mom and my dad are cooking, they're able to turn around and see everybody,” Anthony Jr. said.

Marion, the mother of the family, says they prefer to keep their recipes simple in the kitchen and stick to using salt rather than over-seasoning.

“If you really care about what you're doing ... you can pull off anything. If you're just starting out, maybe don't do four courses,” Anthony Jr. said. “Flambés are not usually the best at this point, but do a salad and do an entrée and then build from there.”

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