Lay's 'Do Us A Flavor' Is Back With 4 More Crazy Fan-Created Mystery Flavors

The Lay's Do Us a Flavor contest is back with four new fan-created mystery flavors. If you're unfamiliar with the contest, here's how it works: Once a year, Lay's allows fans to go hog-wild and create any chip flavor combination they can possibly think of. The winning flavor will receive a $1 million prize, and their chips will be distributed all over the country. Last year, the winner was Wasabi Ginger. This year, Lay's has brought in former 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey to promote the four mystery flavors in a cross-country road trip. The company will also install a giant vending machine in Los Angeles where people will be able to sample the unmarked flavors and tweet out their guesses.

The Daily Meal staff was able to get our hands on the four mystery flavors, and we had strong opinions, to say the least.

Flavor #1: The overwhelming notes of this flavor were rosemary and thyme — the sort of seasonings you might find in a Sunday roast or Thanksgiving turkey. Turkey and gravy or pot roast is our best guess.

Flavor #2: At first, this flavor struck us as a strong sour cream and onion variety. We definitely tasted cucumber and dill in the chip, as well as a distinct hint of meat. Our best guess is lamb gyro.

Flavor #3: Our favorite flavor by far, this mystery chip had an overwhelming cheese flavor. But it wasn't nacho cheese, à la Doritos. Some posited blue cheese, and others thought it may be pimento cheese dip.

Flavor #4: For some reason, one of the main listed ingredients in this flavor is duck fat, which really threw us for a loop. The chip definitely smelled like seafood and onions; we're thinking it's either clam chowder or lobster macaroni and cheese.

The finalist flavors will be unveiled later this month, and then the frenzy of voting will begin. Happy crunching!