Kit Kat Bars Temporarily Change Into YouTube Break Bars In The UK

Now even innocent candy bars are not safe from viral advertising. Nestlé has teamed up with Google to create a limited run of Kit Kat in the U.K. with the name on the packaging changed to "YouTube Break." The name change comes two years after Google named its fall 2013 Android update "KitKat." The YouTube Break bar will be just one of many redesigned wrappers to come, all of which celebrate the iconic candy bar's 80th anniversary, according to Ad Week.

But U.K. customers, don't panic: Your beloved Kit Kat bar isn't going away. The unusual partnership is temporary, and only 600,000 YouTube Break candy wrappers will be created. Kit Kat will also sponsor trending videos on YouTube in the U.K.

"As Kit Kat celebrates its 80th anniversary and YouTube turns 10 this year, it is really exciting to be taking the partnership to a new phase," chief executive of Nestlé U.K. and Ireland Dame Fiona Kendrick said.

Nestlé has confirmed that in anticipation of the big 8-0, they will create 100 million unique wrappers, all sporting variations of the phrase "My Break." So if surfing viral videos or giggling at Keyboard Cat isn't your thing, there's also "Me Time Break" and "Sporty Break."