The Illicit Nutella Restaurant in Brooklyn is Being Sued by Ferrero

The Park Slope restaurant dedicated to Nutella changed its name to Nuteria, but that wasn’t enough for Nutella’s lawyers

If Nuteria gets shut down, it will be a sad, dark day for Brooklyn.

Bad news, Nutella fans. Last summer, we reported on the exciting opening of an all-Nutella restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn called Nutelleria. We predicated even then that Ferrero’s lawyers would come knocking on the restaurant’s door, and we were right. The restaurant agreed to change its name to Nuteria, but that wasn’t enough for Ferrero. The company is suing the start-up restaurant for ripping off a trademarked brand name.

According to the lawsuit, even with the name change, the restaurant “led consumers to falsely believe the restaurant was sanctioned by Nutella,” and stated that even the utensils seemed to imply an ownership or sponsorship by Ferrero.


The restaurant is indeed a knock-off, because, as its website explains, Nuteria is in no way associated with Nutella — they are just fans of the chocolate and hazelnut spread, and wanted to share delicious concoctions, like a Nutella-bacon-banana waffle sandwich, with the world. Ferrero is seeking monetary damages and the Nuteria name banished.